Protect Your home This Winter

Winter weather can be very damaging to our homes, therefore it’s important we take a few precautions to safeguard our bricks and mortar. In addition, many districts in the UK have unfortunately suffered severe storms in the winter months resulting in floods and property damage – making the need to be prepared a sensible thing to do.

Get Winter Ready

Here are few simple tips to prepare your home for the winter months.

Check your Heating
Having just come through the summer months you properly have not had the heating on much (or even at all).  Now would be a good time to turn on the boiler, bleed the radiators and ensure everything is working ok

Clean out the guttering
With falling leaves and debris that gathers in guttering and drains, this could cause water to overflow and cause damp in your property.

Check your roof
Whilst cleaning your gutters, cast your eye over your roof for damaged or loose slates.

Stop Tap
Know the whereabouts of, and label the water shut off valve (stop tap). This will help you and others to quickly isolate the supply in the event of an emergency.

Stock up on Winter essentials
it’s always a good idea to be prepared by stocking up on Winter essentials such as grit, anti-freeze, candles, and batteries.

Flood Damage

The UK Met Office provide a great resource for checking if you may be in a flood risk area. The Met office website can be visited by clicking HERE

Useful Number provided by the MET Office

Flood line (England, Scotland and Wales): 0345 988 1188
Northern Ireland flooding incident line: 0300 2000 100

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